We Provide a low risk, cost-effective way of having a local presence in an overseas market. We’ll recruit dedicated and sector-experienced local staff to your organization, working under your name from one of our world-class offices around the world. In essence you can build a local operation, free from the governance issues and expense of having to set up a legal entity or having to manage something solo remotely.

Dedicated In-Country representative(s) for your business

World-class office environment

No separate legal entity is required

Fully compliant to local/ national regulations

Finance, tax and accountancy covered

Payroll and expense management included

Customized B to C Marketing Plan for UG and Graduate

Student Fair Representations with ROI tracking

Institutional Visits, Presentations and Promotions.

Customized B to B Management Plan

Identification of Key B to B and B to C Agents in Top 5 cities for potential enrollments

Appointment facilitation of these agencies

Management of agencies with targets established and monthly reporting on the enrollment funnel


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